Tailored state of the art software, outsourcing, processing and consulting.

We are your IT wireless solution.

Unite your global wireless management

Cobite has vast experience with carriers and cultures around the globe. Integrate your wireless management with automated MDM processing.

Your compliance and liability issues are covered

Stop wrestling with managing your wireless data. Control your data so that you have access when you need it.

Market Data Entitlements made easy

Leverage our Market Data entitlement Portal and Tracker, to integrate and simplify. Data when you need it: reporting, compliance and cost savings out of the box.

Expert knowledge and experience

Workup and diagnosis of your telecom expenses and tailored solutions, including carrier contract negotiations from experts with over 30 years of experience.

eXprts: Our Flagship Wireless Lifecycle Management Suite

Do it right. That is the guiding principle behind our state-of-the-art Wireless Lifecycle Management product.


Umbrilify: Our pioneering industry compliance tool for mobile governance

Control your data by keeping all your vital usage data in one place. Search and make available to your legal department in seconds.